Election 2018 Two Minute Sitdowns: Jailer Candidate Steve Gregg


Candidate for Jailer and Republican Lexington native Steve ‘Hollywood’ Gregg says he has a lot to offer if he is elected Jailer for Madison County.

Not only does Gregg have decades of experience, he sat down with WBON-TV and told Marisa Hempel that he won medals while overseas working some of the most dangerous borders in Kosovo.

Gregg states that when he left, the borders were declared safe, and this is one of his greatest accomplishments. He also explained that he is on the only candidate for Jailer endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police, of which he is a member.

The overcrowding issue was addressed in the discussion, to which Gregg says he has done research to look into both short and long term fixes for the chronically overcrowded Madison County Detention Center. He says EZ Bunks, a patented and guaranteed product, could get inmates off the floors of the detention center. He also mentioned Substance Abuse Programs, which he was adamant that they need to be implemented to stop the growing drug epidemic.

Watch the video to catch all the details of Gregg’s platform, and continue to stay tuned for every Election 2018 sitdown session.