Estill County Holds School Safety Public Forum


By: Lance Gaither

On March 1st Estill County held a public forum to hear the public comments on school safety. Among matters discussed were installing new camera systems as well as alarms to alert staff when outside doors are opened.

Another topic discussed was that of first aid training for teachers and ensuring that each school is equipped with a mass casualty kit.

Some citizens felt that installing metal detectors and making each student pass through them in the morning would increase safety but Estill County Superintendent Jeff Saylor felt that they would increase danger due to having a large group of students routinely in the same area.

Other matters discussed were the school system’s plan to respond to students who make threats and  preventing vehicular attacks during sporting events.

Estill County Schools has recently received a safety audit from the Kentucky Center for School Safety in Richmond, and will continue to work with them to make the schools safer.