More Than a #Hashtag: Stories Of Survivors Part One: Alexis


To kick off our new WBON-TV series “More than a #Hashtag: Stories of Survivors”, we speak to Berea College Sophomore Alexis Saunders, who was brave enough to divulge her past sexual assault that she has never been able to speak up about until now.

Marisa Hempel sat down with Alexis and heard about how the Women and Gender Studies college classes helped her open up about her past. She also added that the recent explosion in the media of victims of assault and harassment coming out got her to open up about her assault experience.

Alexis’s story was a tear jerker, and she got choked up bravely telling her experience on camera. She admitted that this telling of her assault will be the first time that almost all those close to her will be hearing of the abuse both in her family and involving a childhood friend.

Be sure to watch as the series continues, where survivors tell their stories on the More than A #Hashtag Series.