Madison County Schools Debunk Recent Shooting Threats


With the unfortunate recent proliferation of school shootings and even just the past few days, threats of shootings, WBON-TV went to Madison County Schools to talk to Community Education Director Erin Stewart, who cleared the air.

Stewart spoke about the most recent and closest to home threat, which occurred in reference to Madison Southern High School just last night. However, after working with the Berea Police Department, Stewart explains that these were simply rumors of a threat. All the talk on social media was unsubstantiated according to investigators, but they still made an effort to let parents know via social media. An increased police presence was also implemented at Madison Southern today as well.

Stewart also lets parents know in the video of what steps would be taken in a real threat situation, and says that law enforcement has been instrumental in ensuring that all Madison County Schools are as safe and secure as possible, especially during this time of unnaturally high alert.

She also gives directions for parents and guardians to keep an eye out of updates, and says that a new, permanent web page will be coming within the week with the sole purpose of conveying security information.

Stay tuned as we continue this conversation tomorrow, and learn the exact protocol from Madison County Schools about how they are adapting, and what is already in place for school security.