Estill County School Superintendent Addresses Recent Threat


Today in Estill County, School Superintendent Jeff Saylor held a press conference in order to attempt to address last Thursday’s social media threat against the principal of Estill County High School.

Saylor reiterated multiple times that the threat was unsubstantiated, and began as a rumor solely on social media. He said a weapon was not mentioned, and that the situation did get blown a bit out of proportion.

He attempted to assuage parents by telling them that all policies and procedures have been followed, and the investigation is still ongoing so as to make sure all threats were unsubstantiated.

One parent voiced a concern that there should have been a letter sent out late last week, to which Saylor replied that had the threat been against students and not staff, this most certainly would have been done.

However, with the recent influx of shootings and threats alike both nationwide and here in Central Kentucky, Saylor says that parents have every right to be worried, but that they can be assured that the schools are adapting to these changing times.

His best advice was to watch social media and student’s use of it, and warns students that these threats are in fact criminal, and as seen recently, will end kids up in jail and charged.