Donate To The Tristin Clement Funeral Fund


From the GoFund Me page:

On Febuary 13th, Tristin’s father, Bert Clements, received a devastating call that no parent wishes to receive.  His youngest child had been left with his mother’s boyfriend who beat and battered him until he was no longer responsive. This call came after almost 24 hours of Tristin being in the hospital. After another 12 hours had passed, doctors ran some tests and declared sweet Tristin 99% brain dead due to his injuries. The doctors waited a few more hours to run the same test, per procedure, where Tristin’s body was just too tired to continue here with us. Tristin went home to be with the Lord just before noon on February 14, 2018.

No parent wishes to have to bury their child and is never prepared enough for the situation to have to do so. Tristin’s father and our family would appreciate donations in giving Tristin the funeral services he deserves. Any help would be deeply appreciated. If financial support is not something feasible, please just keep Bert and our family in your deepest prayers.

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