It’s Electric! Clearing Up the KYMEA Confusion: Diligence Due Soon


There has existed contention within the Berea City Council for some time regarding the City’s electricity transmission contracts. We spoke to members from both sides of the aisle on the topic, to give a concise explanation to the ongoing electricity question.

First, there was some confusion surrounding the Kentucky Municipal Energy Association, and the decision for the city of Berea to continue their contract with the agency. Some of the recent apprehensions from city council were the 30 day cancellation clause notice with KYMEA, as well as billing concerns.

At one of last month’s city council meetings, it was announced by the mayor that an attorney, the utility advisory board, and the city auditor would pour over the contended contract and then submit reports on their findings. Berea Mayor steve Connelly stated that he will undertake this due diligence to show the council that the agreement with KYMEA is in fact sound. The council had voted last fall to get out of all contracts with KYMEA, but the ultimate decision lies within the mayor.

Mayor Connelly says that this should all be settled this month, and the findings will be completed and published at the next meeting of the Berea city council.