Waco Firefighter Responds to Recent String of Possible Acts of Arson


In the past week alone, Waco Volunteer Fire Department along with other Madison County agencies have responded to three structure fires, all within close proximity to one another. As a result, one 20 year old was taken into custody, and told police he did in fact intentionally set one of the trailers on fire, resulting in a total loss.

However, the other two were very similar incidents, causing not only citizens but the firefighters to agree that this string of infernos is out of the ordinary.

Firefighter Timothy Schlomann, who works with Madison County Fire and Volunteers with Waco, remarked the same, and said that an investigation is underway. Schlomann put this recent uptick in blazes in perspective, by saying in the first month of 2018 alone they have had already near the normal number of house fires for the entire year: which is normally 12.

Stay with WBON-TV as more updates will come through regarding the investigation and causes of these seemingly strange fires.