Madison County School Superintendent Reacts to Governor’s Proposed Cuts


Following this week’s budget proposal by Governor Matt Bevin, many county school districts are reconsidering their own budgets now that cuts to transportation and education as a whole could be on the table.

According to Madison County School Superintendent Elmer Thomas, this could potentially result in 2 million dollars worth of funds being pulled, specifically to the school’s transportation system.

Governor Bevin also called out other areas of the state for seemingly large amounts of administrator salaries over 100 thousand dollars, of which in Madison county, Superintendent Thomas says there is only one position that makes excess of that amount.

Reserve funds were also noted by the Governor Tuesday evening, which Thomas explains Madison County has around 5% set aside as a contingency fund, which could barely cover salaries if anything were to go south. Overall, Thomas explained that Madison County is in good financial shape, and the school district is not spending extravagantly in any way. However, he worries they will have to run a little lean if the proposed cuts to transportation do in fact get passed.