Madison County Road Department Explains Tonight’s Game Plan


The winter weather is well on its way, so Madison County roads department administrator Scott Shepherd explained that all his trucks will be out tonight, and his crews have been gearing up for the wintry mix. All trucks are on call and ready to go when the weather worsens, which according to the current timeline, has been pushed back to early to late evening.

He explains that there was no pre-treatment of the roads last night or this morning, because it would have been wasteful as the onslaught of rain would have washed it away. However, the newer GPS tracking systems will be in use, so check out the County Roads website to get the latest updates on where the salt and plow trucks are for all county-operated roads.

Shepherd says that the ice will be the biggest factor in this slew of sleet and snow, so the best bet would be to stay in this weekend if you can.