Students Take A Virtual Field Trip at the Madison County School Board Meeting


By: Lance Gaither,

During the January 10th Madison County School Board meeting Beth Brock was elected as chairman of the board, marking her third consecutive year in the position.

Becky Coyle was voted in as vice chairmen and it is her second year as well.

The student showcase showed the board what some of the students in Madison County have been working on. Some students are in a group called the Google Gurus, who focus on utilizing technology in the classroom. These Gurus have learned how to use the latest tech and teach other students and teachers how to use it to improve their education.

On of the striking displays, was by a language arts class, who take virtual reality field trips to visit locations in the novel Walk Two Moons.

Two of the locations that are featured in the virtual field are Yellowstone National Park and Mt. Rushmore. The headsets were provided via donation from students and other residents of Madison County.