A Sit Down With Newly-Appointed Estill Judge-Executive Kevin Williams


Governor Matt Bevin recently appointed Kevin Williams, of Irvine to take the seat at the head of Estill county after previous Judge-Executive Wallace Taylor stepped down amid health concerns.

Judge Taylor fulfilled his duties for 15 years, so Williams explains that there was a big space to fill when he took office the first of the year.

He told WBON-TV about his long and short term goals in his new position, as well as explained his background as a long term native of the county.

Williams reiterated multiple times that the budget is his number one priority, and asked everyone to stick it out with him and his staff as some cuts will be made, but it will benefit the county in the end.

He also touched on the Blue Ridge landfill situation, which he promised he will get up to speed on as the illegal dumping of radioactive waste has been a point on contention since 2015.

The re-opening of the jail will not happen, says Williams, who mirrors his precursor on that point as there is simply not enough funds to keep the county detention center fully operational.