KHSAA Board Of Control Meets Today…Changes Made

Donald Foster
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KHSAA Board of Control Meeting notes Football, Archery, Basketball
Today the KHSAA met and on some interesting things on it’s agenda. The most intriguing was what to do with Scott County and the new high school Great Crossing when it opens in 2019. Thing to keep n mind is that these changes won’t take effect until the 2019 season, next year remains the same as this one.  Every year the football alignments are looked at with total enrollment of students being the factor in which class a program falls in. With the addition of a new high school Scott County football, a dominant team in class 6A will have their enrollment cut roughly in half by the new school. Each time that redistricting is brought up there is always the problem of keeping teams close in proximity to each other for travel concerns. I will touch on this issue later in the article. As of today’s meeting Scott Co. and Great Crossing are both going to class 5A schools in football. That means they will join local team Madison Southern in that ass. Also potentially moving up to 5A would be Collins, a team that has been a top five program in 4A, Johnson Central, another top 5 program and Hopkinsville. Other teams of note in the area changing classes are Lexington Catholic, 3A now moving to 4A, Frederick Douglas, currently 6A going all the way down to 4A. Beechwood, this season’s class A champion will move up to 2A. Just because a team can play in certain classes doesn’t mean they have to, the school can elect to stay in their current class. Some do this due to travel and expense of playing in the new districts. Other big news for football was the seeding of the state semifinals using a yet to be determined seeding formula. One seeds would host the lower seed with the other seeds matching up, just like the NFL uses now. The formula for seeding could be a mixture of the Cantrall, Litkenhouse, and Maxpreps polls. Think back to the old BCS formula.
How does this affect basketball? Remember when I mentioned keeping teams close to home in redistricting, well this is where it got interesting. With Drowning Creek joining the 11th region in all sports (non football) it would make a 6 team district in the 42nd. So the KHSAA voted to move Woodford County to the 8th region. The problem with Woodford going to the 8th is they will have to travel through Frankfort to get to their district games. Also causing a log jam will be Frankfort Christian Academy which announced it’s intention to play boy’s basketball in the 2019/20 season. That will make the 41st have a 6 team district. Many in Madison County have wondered why Madison Central doesn’t move to the 10th region or why the Eagles of Madison Southern move into the 12th region. The reason why comes back into travel and expense. If Central were to go to the 10th region travel may be an issue. Same with Madison Southern in the 12th. One proposal suggested by turned down was moving the Frankfort Schools to the 8th region and Woodford into the 12th region. That would allow Bourbon County, Paris, Great Crossing, and Clark County to join the 11th. This proposal was shot down but could be revisited in the future.
One more note of local importance is Archery future. The KHSAA proposed an immediate change to the state archery tournament. There is enough support for division of boys and girls to begin operating separate tournaments this season. Schools could still have girls compete on boys’ team if numbers aren’t high enough. So both boy’s and girl’s will have their own state championships this season! There is still alot to be decided but this was the meat of the meeting today in Lexington, stay tuned to WBONTV and we will keep you in the know on everything in local sports.
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