Tips from Sheriff’s Office Regarding Recent Car Break Ins in Northern Madison County


WBON TV received reports recently of an increased amount of break ins to vehicles, specifically in the Lexington Heights neighborhood in Northern Madison County. We spoke to Deputy Michael Stotts of the Madison County Sheriff’s Department about some of these cases, in which valuables such as guns and laptops were taken from parked cars. Stotts had some advice for anyone wanting to deter thieves from getting into their automobiles. He reports that the sheriff’s office can say that 90% of these thefts in 2016 occurred beause the car was simply left unlocked and unattended.

He says to not leave your car running out in the open, even if you are warming it up right outside your home. Keeping the vehicle locked at all times, and setting the alarm, is of utmost importance.

Stotts also says to leave valuables out of your car. Guns, cash, computers, and phones can all easily be taken whether the car is locked or not because of instances of criminals breaking car windows.

He also recommends to leave the car in the garage as much as possible to avoid any thefts of your belongings, or even thieves getting to your garage door opener and gaining access to your house.

Keep these tips in mind to avoid incidents such as the recent ones in residential areas of the county.