Blessings in Berea For Homeless Community


Now that the temperature is hitting the single digits, those less fortunate are in need of donations more than ever. Berea Baptist Church has multiple programs put in place to provide the homeless community with non perishable food items and toiletries. According to volunteer and church member Karen Linville, the Blessing box is in close proximity to the Berea Police Station at the church, which is located on Chestnut street. The cabinet was constructed by a volunteer, and according to Linville, it never stays stocked long!

As of last night, it was stocked, and was empty hours later, so we helped her restock for those in need once again.

Linville also explained the food pantry, which opens its doors every Monday for the homeless and hungry. In keeping with the holiday spirit, the church hopes to continue its efforts to help all those who may be in need. Donations to the box or food pantry can be easily dropped off at 310 Chestnut at any time, as the box is unlocked.