Organization for Women Veterans In Need of Donations to Purchase House for Homeless Vets


Lady Veterans Connect is a non-profit organization that seeks to provide short term help for women veterans that are homeless or suffering from trauma or PTSD.

The organization provides a safe space to care for these women and their very specific needs along with any children they might have in honor of their service to our country.

Not only does Founder Phyllis Abbott tell WBON-TV about the Trapp School in Winchester that will soon be opening to house these women and children, but she says that before the end of the year, the group is in desperate need of donations to keep their other location in Lexington for women in need of housing.

The home, which they have had rent-free for two years now, will need to be bought outright by the non-profit. Abbott says that $20,000 dollars is necessary for the down payment on the home, which usually can house up to 7 women as they complete the program to get on their feet.

Anyone interested in donating can do so, which will be tax deductible through December 31st via the Gofundme page that Lady Veterans Connect has set up. Visit their website for more information or donate.