Plowing Ahead: Madison County Road Department Explains Winter Woes and GPS System


Clearing up roads (and confusion), the Madison County Road Department filled WBON-TV in on some of the recent changes that have been made, putting roads that used to be on their routes for plowing and maintenance into state control. This came about because of recent state budget cuts, in which two counties, including Madison, were affected.

Administrator Scott Shepherd of the Road Department explained that this has caused some confusion and frustration for those that may not be aware of exactly which roads are maintained by the county since the switch. For this reason, he elaborated that the response time for his fleet of 16 trucks and drivers has been timely, as we have already had one snowfall this year that caused some havoc around the county. Shepherd said that his team can respond on average, within an hour of a call coming out, and can clear their route of rural and subdivision roads easily within a twelve hour shift.

For those that have qualms about the rate of their roads getting plowed, as was seen with the most recent snowfall this past weekend, Shepherd says to write to the state department in Frankfort as many of the main arteries are now out of the county’s hands, such as Barnes Mill and Speedwell Roads. Speedwell in particular had multiple wrecks with the last snowfall, including a fire truck that got stuck.

Chris Iseral, Director of the County’s Information Technology Department also showed us the intuitive GPS tracking system that all county trucks are now fitted with, which can show nearly in real time which roads have been plowed or salted as well as who controls which roadway. He showed exactly how to use the system, and displayed both the user side of the system as well as the administrative side, which has real time and precise updates for the county workers.

Iseral directs all those to the county website, straight to Tracks, or the Facebook page for more information, and explains exactly how the system works: including clearing up with roads are maintained by which agency.