A Day on the Bench in Madison District Court


Ever wonder what goes on during a long day in court, from the judge’s perspective?

Recently, as a part of the WBON-TV series allowing an inside look at the criminal justice system in Madison County, Grendalyn Morton from WCYO-FM got to spend a day following a district court judge in an attempt to convey to viewers what a long docket day looks like.

The experience, she tells WBON-TV’s Marisa Hempel, was eye-opening. Not only did she arrive early in the morning expecting to be there for a few hours and instead was there for the entire day, she got to witness true compassion from the judges and those before the podium.

On that Tuesday, not only did the District Court Docket get covered, but also Circuit and Drug Court. According to the presiding judge, he says it is obvious that the vast majority, even 90%, of all cases can be attributed in some way to the drug epidemic.

The main takeaway that Grendalyn said she got out of the long day in the courtroom was the true care and concern shown by judges, who all too often are made out to be villians by those that have to step in front of them. Watch the video to get some of the inside information from the day on the bench.