Meet Your Public Official: Madison County Attorney Jud Patterson


Continuing with the series in which WBON-TV highlights different public officials across Central Kentucky, Jud Patterson took a seat with Marisa Hempel to let the county know more about him and his family.

It’s been almost two months since Patterson took the place of former County Attorney Marc Robbins, and he already says he plans on sticking around as the election cycle begins next year. Patterson says he wants to hear what the people have to say, and enjoys working with the community so he will run again for the position.

UK Law was the only law school that Patterson applied to, and luckily he got in because he did not go in with a backup plan because he was dedicated to make it in law!

A father to four daughters, Patterson laughs about having his hands full, and says he stays busy coaching the Madison Southern Dive Team, of which his daughters are a part of. We were also surprised to find out that he still lives on the family farm he spent time on during his youth, and that there is a menagerie of animals on the property, including miniature horses.

Stay tuned as the series continues: Richmond City Commissioner Jim Newby is up next.