New Home for Richmond Tourism Signed Over


Today, the Richmond Tourism Board and Mayor Jim Barnes met with Mrs. Lou Salter, who officially signed the papers to set the plan in motion for the city to purchase the historic former residence of Cassius Clay’s descendants. Mrs. Salter, who had lived with her late husband in the home since the 1970s, said that there were a lot of memories made in the beautiful historic property, but that she is happy to turn it over to Richmond Tourism for their new home.

The nature of the building, on Main Street, is legendary enough that it made sense for Richmond Tourism to pick it as the site of their new offices and headquarters.

Mayor Jim Barnes thanked Mrs. Salter, and said that the city is forever grateful that they chose them as the benefactor on the deal.

The Swedish-style home, according to Tourism Director Lori Murphy-Tatum, was even the site of a front-yard brawl that took place during the women’s suffrage movement, after one of the Clay women wanted to cast her ballot!

Although the plans are not one hundred percent final, according to Murphy-Tatum, the move is going forward and it looks as if Tourism will take up their new residence by early to mid 2018.