Garrard County Animal Shelter Announces 365 Without Euthanizations


Recently, Garrard County Judge Executive John Wilson proudly announced that the county animal shelter has just reached a full year without any euthanizations. WBON-TV went out to the shelter to get acquainted with some of the dogs and cats up for adoption, and to hear from Wilson himself about the new policies and procedures that allowed for more dogs and cats to be adopted out or rescued.

Animal Control Director for the shelter Brittany Fain also expressed her love for her job, and reiterated that many of the animals at the shelter are in need in good homes. Not only are adoptions $60.00 out of county and $65.00 in-county, but animals can be sponsored for future adoptions.

Fain also mentioned that donations for the shelter can be made to continue the cause and support the shelter, paypal donations can be made to, with ‘animal control’ marked.