Pension Forum At Madison Central Draws Large Crowd


Last night at Madison Central High School in Richmond, the Educator and Legislator Pension forum drew a large crowd to the auditorium. Representatives Donna Mayfield, Wesley Morgan, and Reginald Thomas took to the stage to address the crowd of hundreds, many of which were teachers.

Educators from multiple local counties came out to listen to what could be the future of their pensions and retirement funds. Four other representatives were invited by the Madison County Education Association, but did not show up for the event.

The three that did attend sought to speak to the crowd about Governor Bevin’s pension proposal, which came out last Wednesday. The proposal elicited strong responses from those in attendance, who were quick to hold up their “Agree” or “Disagree” signs during the speeches.

Watch the video for interviews from the charged event, after which educators expressed concern about the fate of their pensions hanging in the balance.