Preliminary Hearing for Murder Trial of 5 Year Old Boy in Jackson County Today


Today in Mckee, the preliminary hearing for Lonnie Belt, the man accused of murdering a five-year-old boy and attempting to murder the child’s mother, occurred at the Jackson County Court House.

WBON-TV spoke to Kentucky State Trooper Robert Purdy about the case and the investigation, who explained the charges that were brought against Lonnie Belt and the search for the young boy.

Kentucky State Police detectives testified today in court that Belt did in fact beat Spoonamore to death with a metal object, with the intent to leave no witness to the beating of the child’s mother. According to KSP, Belt admitted this information to investigators.

The murder weapon, the metal pipe, has not been located at the moment. The murder case is being waived to a grand jury as the judge decided there is enough evidence against Belt to send the case off. Belt is being held on a 1 million dollar bond in the Jackson County Detention Center.

WBON-TV’s Marisa Hempel also sat down with Jackson County Sheriff Paul Hays, who had been in contact with the mother, Jessica Durham, and said she is beginning to recuperate.