Practice Makes Perfect: Annual CSEPP Exercise


Today, all 10 CSEPP counties participated in the annual exercise, in which the community and many agencies come together to go through a drill of what would occur if there were to be a large scale emergency, such as a leak of chemical agents from the Bluegrass Army Depot in Madison county.

WBON-TV witnessed what local schools would do, as Madison Central High School students underwent a shelter-in-place drill. Assistant Principal says that their time of 7 minutes and 27 seconds seemed to be the time to beat in Madison County.

Another one of these was the decontamination procedures, which took place at Jacobson park in Lexington. Public Information officer for the Lexington Fire department Kyle Branham says portions of the park were shut down for the controlled exercise, and he says because of trainings like this, all first responders would be adequately prepared if any disaster were to happen.

The Emergency Operations Center in Madison County was the heart of it all, where county officials and members of all first responder and law enforcement agencies organized throughout the day. A grade from FEMA and full report will be released following these exercises.