School Board Moves to Acquire Property, Names New School


Last night at the Madison County school board meeting, the name, school colors, and mascot of the new elementary school which is set to open in fall 2018 were unanimously chosen. The new school, which will be in Northern Madison County, will be appropriately called Boonesborough Elementary.

Vice Chair Becky Coyle says that the mascot will be the bears; and the colors will be crimson, silver, and navy. She also said that the presentation by the architect for the new building was impressive, and this is a very exciting update for Madison County Schools.

The Board also moved forward with plans to use the school board attorney to acquire the property and declare eminent domain on the Hines Motel on Big Hill Avenue, which has been in the works for some time.
Chair Beth Brock filed the motion, and says that it is purely a safety issue as there is only one small drive leading out of the Kindergarten.

The school behind the property needs another exit, and the motel property is blocking one of the only options for construction of the driveway. Therefore, the school board is moving forward in the courts to contact the owner of the property and get it turned over to public ownership. Brock said they have been unsuccessful in contacting the owner of the property in order to get him to sell the land to Madison County Schools.

Therefore, it was announced last night that the court process will begin, and Brock says they will hopefully get the process complete by Spring, so long as the owner cooperates with the attorney.