Department of Fish and Wildlife Weigh in on Deer Disease


Recent reports have stated that there are increased numbers of diseased deer spotted in Kentucky, especially in the Eastern part of the state. However, according to Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Education Representative John Coffey, there has been some confusion between two types of diseases: Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease (EHD) and Bluetongue, which occurs in White-tailed Deer. Coffey explains that the reported numbers are probably much lower than the real figures, but that this is actually quite normal.

The diseases are spread by midges or gnats, and will dissipate after the first frost or when the weather gets colder (such as the Irma front that just reached the Commonwealth) and there is nothing to be alarmed about, especially during Deer Season.

However, if abnormal-smelling deer carcasses are seen, or confused-looking deer are spotted in your area, Coffey says to report the case to the Department of Fish and Wildlife so they can document each case of the annual disease.