Highlights from EKU 9/11 Stair Climb


Last night on EKU’s campus, the Stair Climb at Keene Residence Hall and the Center for the Arts took place to commemorate the attack on our nation.
WBON-TV’s Austin Hanks attended and participated in the climb and memorial ceremony.

The yearly event began in the auditorium, where the national anthem was played following guests speakers and a memorial video of the terrorist attacks. When the walk commenced, the crowd silently made their way to the residence hall staircase, where they climbed the flights of stairs to the top.

In addition to the students and volunteers, fire safety majors wore their gear to accurately represent the sacrifice of first responders on that fateful day.

Keene hall was beautifully lit with the numerals 9 and 11, and blue and red projections during the memorial.