Former Kentuckians Report on Weathering out Irma


Irma may have been downgraded to a tropical storm as it moves up through Florida, but millions are now out of power and have sustained quite a bit of damage from what was the most powerful recorded hurricane in the Atlantic.

Former Kentuckians from all parts of Florida: North, Central, East and Gulf coast, gave an update on how they are weathering out the storm.

Kelly Vought (originally from Madison County), in Lake City in Northern Central Florida, said the eye of the storm passed right over them early this morning, and they are using generators as they are still without power.

On the East Coast, Johnny Fischer (from Harrison County, Kentucky) lives about an hour from Miami where there were mandatory evacuations. Fischer says that not many people were able to leave though, because of the lack of gas. He also says that in his opinion, the worst is yet to come as the storm was so large all the water was sucked off the beach, and it has to come back eventually.

In Central Florida, we heard from Teresa Ison, who said this is not her first rodeo with hurricanes, as before they weathered out storms in 2004, then moved back to Madison county where she is from, and later retired back to Florida. With a laugh, she assured us they are staying put this time as they are not in a flood zone but the high winds did cause damage in their areas.

On the gulf side, Michael Schmerge (originally from Northern Kentucky) says he has a rental property on the water that he hasn’t checked yet, but his home and his office in downtown Clearwater sustained minor damage as the direct hit was near Naples, and not Tampa as originally thought.

It seems that its not quite over yet, as the waters will eventually return and flood much as Hurricane Harvey did two weeks ago. Luckily these Kentuckians stayed put and stayed safe during the worst of the storm over the past two days.