Kentucky Voices in Irma’s Path


Hurricane Irma is officially one of the most powerful storms ever recorded, and the Category 5 hurricane is set to hit Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands before heading towards the US.

Many in the US are scrambling to get supplies and hole up before Irma makes landfall, including these multiple former and current Madison County residents that are right in the path of the storm.

WBON -TV reached out to current and former Madison County residents who are right in the path of the storm.

Richmond resident Toni Gaines was planning to come home today on a 2:30 pm flight, but all planes in Puerto Rico where is she is currently on vacation with her husband are booked up or grounded. Gaines explains that they are going to have to wait it out at their hotel, which is already mobilizing for the near direct hit.

Multiple other former Kentucky residents that are now living in Florida said that they may have to come back to the bluegrass state, when they find out exactly what the path of the storm with 185 mph winds will be.