Local Churches Working to Help Those in the Path of Harvey


With Hurricane Harvey set to make second landfall tomorrow, those in Texas are in need of donations now more than ever for this record-breaking hurricane and tropical storm. WBON-TV heard that Bethel Baptist Church was teaming up with the Southern Baptist Convention to provide those in need with monetary donations in these beginning stages of the disaster.

Pastor Kenny Davis of Bethel Baptist in Berea explained that he had been on the ground after Hurricane Katrina, and knew that this storm would be just as devastating, if not more. Therefore, in his expertise he recommends to avoid physical donations at the moment, as storage is a problem on both ends.

Pastor Davis also mentioned that his church and others in the network will be sending teams to not just give service, but to provide spiritual help as well.

We also spoke to the Central Kentucky Better Business Bureau, where Communications Director Heather Clary says that the BBB wants all those gracious folks who are donating to be wary of scams. She echoed Pastor Davis by saying that clicking the ‘donate’ button on the actual site of the charity, such as the American Red Cross, is much safer than donating via social media.