Three County Merger in the Works for Bluegrass 911 Call Center


In an effort to save money and update equipment while providing better service, Garrard and Lincoln counties merged their 911 centers. A new proposal is on the table, called Bluegrass 911, that would include Boyle county in the merger. Boyle county fiscal court is set to discuss the matter in a session tomorrow. Garrard county Judge Executive John Wilson filled us in on the details.

Wilson also explained another update, which involves the diappearence of landlines, making the fees that are tacked on landlines to fund 911 call centers decreasing significantly as well. Wilson said the litigation involving this new ordinance, which would tack the minimal fees on water meters in Garrard county, went all the way to the Kentucky Supreme court, and was passed as constitutional last week. In order to test the constitutionality of this new tax, the City of Lancaster filed a friendly lawsuit against the county, one of the first of this kind in the Commonwealth.

Wilson said other counties are asking for more information on this new way to guarantee funding for 911 dispatch, and may follow suit with the new Garrard county ordinance.