Part VI Jail Overcrowding Series: Final Fiscal Push


In the final piece of WBON-TV’s Jail Overcrowding series, Madison County Judge Executive Reagan Taylor explains the steps moving forward with his idea for a treatment center now that the bids are in for potential partners. As the bids are being reviewed, a date of the first of September has been set in order to realistically look at the options for this new approach to easing jail overcrowding.

Judge Taylor explains that this is no doubt a drug problem, not a jail problem. He says that the research of he and his team, especially staggering indictment numbers, convey this.

It will be seen by the first of next month if this dream of a 3-part treatment center will become a reality for Madison County, and if the fiscal court can get the votes they need to move forward. Otherwise, as we have seen with previous parts of this series, a new jail–one big enough to house 80 inmates that the jailer said is necessary–will have to be built sooner rather than later.