Response from KY EPA Regarding Unknown Substance in Berea Waters


WBON TV went to where it all started in Berea to assess the cleanup situation after yesterday’s chemical spill into neighborhood streams and water supplies. The company, KI USA Corporation, which makes automotive parts, has apparently been cited for the same incident multiple times, most recently in March.

We spoke to Executive Staff Advisor Lanny Brannock of the Kentucky EPA who told us exactly what happened here in Berea near the industrial park.

Brannock went on to say that the company reiterates that the chemical is not hazardous, that it is mostly vegetable oil.

However, he said that the Kentucky EPA will still do their due diligence and make sure the mixture is tested by the state to ensure it is not a hazardous waste substance as solutions are reached by KI to fix the reoccurring issue.

Stunning video has been shared to social media of a foul-smelling chemical that has once again leaked into the water systems and creeks on Mayde Spur in Berea. The culprit is allegedly KI USA Corporation, which produces car parts for different auto manufacturers around the world.

WBON-TV has reached out to KI for a statement regarding this spill, and if it is in fact related to their industrial park as the residents believe.

According to resident Casie Ingram regarding the above video and pictures she has taken:

“The footage was taken on Mayde Spur, my front and side yard. My parents have lived here 32 years, KI built around them. The last three years have been phone call after phone call to EPA, ERT, police etc. KI always has an excuse. Ironically, these “accidents” as KI likes to call them happen frequently early Sunday mornings and then KI is unreachable for hours when we or the fire dept try to contact them. The heightened alarm this morning was caused from a substance running from KI into the stream at a high rate, which looked like gray paint.

The smell was much like off a burning home and rotten eggs. The stench made you sick to your stomach and had most in its presence gagging. All that have been involved have complained with headaches. We have gardens next to this waterway and it also runs into water systems so we are concerned with long term affects of these frequent “accidents”.

We were told today that when trying to build a new holding tank they hit limestone and also ran into a natural spring. The water from the spring supposedly caused everything to flood from the holding tank…. my question is did the chemicals also leak into the natural spring?”

WBON TV plans to go on site after the EPA has visited today and will be back again tomorrow to assess the situation firsthand. Please contact us if you are a resident and wish to be interviewed.