RPD Responds to Ford Explorer Exhaust Fume Problems


With the recent news of exhaust fume problems with ford explorers used by police departments, WBON-TV reached out to the Richmond Police Department to see if they have had similar issues. In other states, the patrol vehicles in the 2011-2017 model years caused officers to fall ill because of fumes entering the vehicle. Ford replied that the addition of police equipment to the Explorers could play a role in the carbon monoxide leaking into the front of the interceptors.

RPD’s Officer Zachary Stokes said that the force does in fact have three newer model ford explorers, but they have not had any dangerous issues with them. However, they are in the process of purchasing carbon monoxide detectors for the three SUVS.

Stokes says that the new monitors will alert an officer to get out of the car safely if similar problems such as the carbon monoxide fumes occur here in Richmond’s cruisers.