Leading the Way in Kentucky: Part II of Investigating Hotels Series


In part Two of the Investigating Hotels series, WBON-TV’s Marisa Hempel continues to speak with Richmond City Commissioner Jason Morgan to get his ideas for a possible solution to the seemingly large amounts of crime that center at hotels and motels in Richmond.

Morgan explains that there are many nuances when it comes to local laws, whether it be with the codes enforcement or health department, which make it difficult to shut these businesses down as he intends to do.

Instead, he outlines exactly what steps he has taken moving forward with an ordinance, which would fine hotel owners if a certain amount of crime takes place on their properties. Morgan says that such an ordinance would be the first of its kind in the Commonwealth, and that Richmond, by this time next year, could be leading the way with such injunction.

Next, Marisa Hempel will sit down wth Madison County EMS Director Carlos Coyle to ascertain how many overdoses occur in these allegedly high-crime areas.